How does my broker make their decisions?

Ask yourself this….do you know why your financial advisor arrives at certain recommendations with regard to your portfolio? Will your advisor usually proffer any insight? Do you ever enquire as to whether your advisors decisions are best for you?

If you aren’t asking these kinds of questions…you should be! There must always be enquiry and investigation on the part of the client as to the rationale behind a councilors’ decision making process.

The financial advice that our experienced team offers clients is first looked at through a microscope that takes into account all relevant external factors like potential gain and exposure to any possible risk.

Your financial advisor will offer you a complete logical explanation for their decisions regarding your portfolio.

Our portfolio focused senior advisory team also plays a vital role in the decision making process, which provides one extra safeguard on all your investments using their superior experience.

How much commission and fees am I paying currently?

It’s important to know, as a client, how fees and commissions work in accordance with your investments. How will these charges effect your return?

You need to read the small print. Many big institutions will hide away their commissions or ‘package’ them in unorthodox ways. In order not to get any nasty surprises further down the line you need to be aware of how the fees are applied.

Do I take an active role in the decision making process with my broker?

The only sure fire way to make sure that your holdings are working for you is to be 100% hands on with your financial advisor to make sure you are both on the same page. If you feel you have little say in decisions being made on your behalf it’s most certainly time to wrestle back that control!

We want our clients to take an active role in the development of their investment plan in tandem with our brokers.

It’s up to you to choose how far you want to get involved with the process. We’re happy to discuss the plan as you get up and running.

Do I know how my advisor is remunerated?

When you pay for a service it’s crucial to understand for what, and how much you are paying. We encourage our clients to discuss with their team exactly how the compensation system works.

Constant commission based trading can be tricky and your bottom line could be hit hard by a poor understanding of how the fees work on the brokers side. That’s why it’s so important to know what kind of fee framework your financial advisor has set up for you.

In order for our clients to see exactly how our advisory team are remunerated, we offer you a transparent and simple breakdown of the compensation packages.

Can I comfortably discuss my personal circumstances with my broker?

Does your financial advisor regularly make an effort to comprehend your current life circumstances? In the event that your personal situation or life goals undergo changes, are you totally at ease going back to your advisor and re-evaluating your financial investments?

Is your broker aware of all the things happening in your life, your concerns, your goals, your changing experiences? Were they the ones to bring up the subject or did you need to?

A vital part of a winning partnership between client and broker is the ability not just to have a professional relationship but to be aware of the personal side of things also. Our advisory team are always personally interested in your shifting situations and this means we can help you to achieve your aims whatever may happen in the future.

Is my broker showing me all possible investment opportunities or only their own?

Can I be sure that when I am consulted by my financial team I will be shown a broad range of possible ventures, not just investments that they have a personal stake in but ones which might involve other firms also? What about investments I’ve heard about from other sources, will my broker help me expand my portfolio to include those kinds of investments?

Here at Toronto Sumitomo Trading International we will offer whatever holdings are best suited to you, regardless if they come from our firm or our competitors.

Our financial team are standing by with crucial information for all our clients but we also encourage you to use the research tools freely available online at our website.

Even if your advisor is helping you with your major decisions it’s still vital to have a general understanding of the products and choices which will effect your returns. Part of this process will be discussing products and services outside of our own company, which we are more than willing to do.

Does my broker work alone or as part of a team?

Is my financial advisor working alone or are they consulting with fellow professionals within the firm? Will I be able to interact with staff members who specialize in certain fields such as international investment, futures markets or fixed income?

Our tightly integrated network of highly trained and managed professionals means that our clients can pick up on cutting edge developments throughout the industry.

Whatever the situation, we have a specialist ready with valuable advise for our clients whom you can communicate with directly.

How will I be able to understand the many factors that contribute to my investments and my goals?

How can I monitor my progress with regard to reaching clearly defined goals? What checks and measures are in place? What kind of training will I be exposed to when using all the tools used to track my progress?

When it comes to long term plans it’s crucial to be able to track your progress over time in order to fully understand how your goals are reached.

Working hand in hand with our investment team you will be the focal point of the planning stage on how your holdings are tracked and progress marked over time.

You can be sure that we are using only the cutting edge tools to keep an eye on your investments.

Will I get the required level of special attention?

In order to understand your portfolio you need a certain level of dedicated attention. Do meetings with my broker involve meaningful discussions or does your advisor simply want to clock out as soon as possible and get home early for dinner?

We know that the more personal a relationship we have with the client, the better we will be able to help them with their investment goals. That’s why we place such a huge importance on getting our clients comfortable talking to us about their lives.

We guarantee that you will feel like a valued member of the advisory team, buttressed by our core values and an inclination to put our clients first in the process.

Do I fully understand the risks associated with the investments I’m recommended?

Clients must have a very clear understanding not only of all the risks involved with their portfolio but also the specific and varying tolerance levels of those risks. Do you discuss these risks on a regular basis with your advisor.? The dynamics of these risks change in response to various factors, how willing is your broker to discuss risks as changes in the market or even in your personal situation occur?

Our clients are 100% informed of the risks involves with their holdings due to honest and transparent communications between them and their financial team.

When factors change in the market or in your personal life, it’s so important to have your plans fully in order, to cope with an ever shifting financial climate.

This is the first step in our communications with the client. Get a plan in place, then get it up and running with contingencies for every possible outcome.

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